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Class of 2010 (TU)

We are lucky to have such nice friends!


My mom would be proud

(TU) puts the FUN into learning

I made it "myself"

We will huff and puff...

...and blow your house down

We will be ready for Kindergarten
Read Rover, Read Rover, send the books right over! 
We waddle while we work.
We have the music in us! 
Dan, Dan, our "My Gym" man 



Petting Zoo at TU

Everybody is Welcome, please come on in!!

We're here to stay for the day.

We have brought our favorite friends.

We are ready to learn, we sing, we dance, and we act silly!

Yummies for our tummies!

Circle time!  We read, sing, and learn numbers and letters.

There are so many activities to choose from.

Playdoh saves the day on those rainy days!
Please sit down and enjoy the show
Sometimes we look like our creations
Lunch is always a happy time.
We love to hide in here.

On summer days, we soak up the sun with fun.

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